Kognito At-Risk Mental Health Training for Faculty and Staff


College can be stressful at times. Build the confidence to talk with a student who you’re concerned about.

KSU has invested in an online interactive tutorial called At Risk Mental Health for Faculty and Staff to help everyone identify signs of distress, communicate openly about those concerns, and make appropriate referrals. The training takes approximately 50 minutes to complete and can be spaced out over time as your schedule permits (the program saves your responses as you progress through each scenario).

Mental Health Fact Sheet

  • Nearly 40% of college students have symptoms of depression that impact their performance.
  • More than 1,000 suicides occur on U.S. college campuses each year. Veteran and LGBTQ+ students are the highest risks.
  • Depressed and anxious students are more likely to be absent, take semesters off, or drop out.
  • 25% of students who drop out with a GPA below 3.0 have a mental illness.
  • Only 40% of students with a mental illness seek help.
  • A mentally healthy campus is a safer campus.

Kognito Mental Health Training

Launch Training

To take the course, follow the instructions below:

  • Visit kennesaw.kognito.com
    • New users:
      • Create an account.
      • Agree to the "Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy" to complete registration.
      • Log back in with KSU credentials and answer some demographic questions.
    • Returning users can enter their login credentials.
  • Access available simulations.
  • Complete your training by finishing all of the required simulation content. Navigate screen-to-screen by using the orange "Next" button.
  • Complete the post-survey at the end of the training. Once completed, you will see a green button on your home screen that says "Completed."

Kognito Userflow Job Aid

If you need Kognito technical support, please email support@kognito.com 


Wellbeing@KSU is a comprehensive approach to Kennesaw State University students' overall health and well-being. With a 24/7 support line and self-guided resources, students can find support options that fit their needs. 

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Guidebook for Faculty and Staff

For in-depth information about recognizing and responding to students in distress, please review the following guidebook.